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A few words on traditional design… April 21, 2011

“If you want a traditional feeling, it doesn’t mean you have to have swags and ruffles.” – John Saladino

Good point John. I often take the design “theme” that my clients suggest or ask for and exaggerate it with Classic details and a Modern twist. Of course if swags and ruffles are what they want, I’m happy to oblige.


Vivid color… April 3, 2011

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Elle Decor living room by Sig Bergamin


Color, when used correctly can be an awesome thing. The creative use of patterns and textures is always key in the placement of color and the above room from Brazilian Designer Sig Bergamin does that and more. I pulled this image from Elle Decor’s online portfolio, but have had this article, Wild At Heart from their Dec/Jan 2011 issue, laying open on my desk for weeks now. This room has a wonderful energy about it that I just can’t put away.


Staying connected through social media… March 24, 2011

I recently started a Facebook page as a means to stay connected and reach more people than I am currently connecting with, check out the attached link:!/pages/Sarah-Bernardy-Design-LLC/191015090931183 You can also find me on Linkedin and of course my beautiful website:! Like us on FB and through my blog here at WordPress we’d love to hear from you!

My Linkedin profile can be viewed from my blogroll under Interior Design click on “my professional profile”.


Stairway to my heart… March 14, 2011

Stairs, they are an obstacle that most of us tackle daily in some fashion or another. Why not take them a step further and add some design pizzazz that will make you long to climb them or linger by them? I’ve collected these images of stairways because they bring with them a certain energy that stirs my soul. They inspire a creativity within that pushes my senses to new heights. And so I hope they evoke in you great passion and inspiration to do better in your next project, no matter the subject.


Spring was here… February 23, 2011

We had our taste of Spring just the other week and as quickly as it came it left us with another foot plus of snow.  Yes, it’s been a long winter for us Minnesotans and we will all rejoice when the grass pokes it’s dirty head again.  This doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying the idea of Spring.  Maybe the warmer the wishes the warmer the weather will become? 

It’s never too early to start planning.  You can add touches of Spring into your home by making simple inexpensive changes.  Changing out pillows, lamps, or adding a simple floral arrangement can help to change the mood, brightening not only your home, but your entire attitude.  We can all use a little uplift once in a while, especially through the winter months.

Check out these fine lamps from Wildwood Designs and Tracy Glover and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s all about the fabric…if you want to change things out for the season look at cotton, linen, or silks with either printed or embroidered motifs as velvets or chenille fabrics can feel heavy in the warmer months.  I’ve added a few of these types of fabrics above to get you thinking.  –You don’t always have to go floral to feel like Spring.  Although, florals have come a long way from the polished chintz that Grandma once had.  Sold colored pillows with a contrast colored welt or a fun trim added can make a fresh statement to your room.  Bolder patterned damasks in bright new colors like the ones I’ve shown above can also make a splash in your home.


Tidy kids… January 7, 2011

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My sister-in-law sent me a link to this children’s desk from Uncommon Goods. She knew I would appreciate the design. Very functional and tidy, just the way all things kids should be in the dream world of parenting! Enjoy the image or check out the link below for further details and how to buy!

May not be the prettiest thing in the room, but surely functions!

May not be the prettiest thing in the room, but surely functions!



Color Forecasting 2011… November 5, 2010

It’s always fun to understand where our color inspiration comes from. As I’ve said many times we are influenced by our surroundings. Travelers bring back images and collectables from foreign lands. Lakeside residences often like softer palettes, while those in the mountain regions tend to go warmer in color and rougher in texture. Those in metropolitan areas tend to like sleeker designs and finishes yet when it comes to color they are either soft and sensual or bold. As people move from one region of the country to another they take with them what they know and along with this comes their comfort zone on what defines home. This is then transferred to the people they know and meet. Our cultures intermix and we are broadened because of it.  

The other week I had the opportunity to sit in on Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast for 2011, which defines 4 color zones. Taking some cues from the year prior while culturally exploring some new palettes.  I’m not one to follow trends, but am always intrigued by what is leading the fashion of design. I take from it what I can and build from it. As individuals from various backgrounds we tend to grasp for the known.  It’s my job as an Interior Designer to help you get out of your comfort zone and discover your true colors.

Jackie Jordon, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams was our presenter. Here are some brief details on the new palettes and the color story behind each group.

Palette 1Gentle Medley…A fresh, airy, innocent approach to color. –Think vintage floral, motifs of dragon flies, butterflies, and leaves. –Mismatched flea-market finds. –Hand-tinted photos and maps. You will see: wheat, sand, Soft greens, a sharp yellow-green, copper, and a deep brownish gray, followed by mountain gray in this palette.

Palette 2Restless Nomad…Sultry hues, exotic and primal. –Influenced by Ethnic patterns, exotic animal skins and aged leather.  –Patchwork and tapestries. –Both Moroccan and Turkish influences. These colors take on a deeper hue: Indigo, dirty gray, purple, burgundy, a soft brown, sharp yellow and gold, sweet orange, silver, and crisp red and pink fill this palette.

Palette 3Purely Refined…The elegant tailored and yet understated color palette. –Understated luxury at its finest. Clean classic lines, with exquisite tailoring. –Ombre-dyed fabrics and textured linens. –Concrete. –Pleated detailing and Artisan-crafted pieces.—Clean lines and oval shapes. We are back to softer hues: slate blue, soft sage and yellow, a light gray and lilac, bluish gray, yellow-buff, umber, deep peppery gray, and reddish cocoa top this palette.

Palette 4Bold Invention…An experimental artsy and expressive palette. I’d say this is my least favorite for the forecasts. A little too high-energy are the hues, but that’s the point. We are talking rebellion in a city that never sleeps. –Graffiti art.  –Neon. –Latin American influences. –Pixilated images on art and textiles and clashing patterns and motifs. –Modular furniture and sculptural ceramic. You will see: A chili red, bold turquoise, Sapphire blue, pea green, bluish green, soft blue and beige with a steel gray, and high energy yellow.

So what does the future hold in your next interior project? Be sure to stop in at your local Sherwin-Williams to view the actual color samples. You will also see the wonderful new faux finish lines they have developed.  Techniques that will surely get your ideas flowing, but that’s another blog post…