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Great design brings people home. As a residential Interior Designer I think it's important that you love the home you are in, no matter what kind of budget you are on. This site is to help you start thinking about your home in a new way.

Design tricks to maximize interior space… July 30, 2010

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Allot of us could use a little more space in our home, maybe for a growing family or just for some added storage. Today’s economic changes have put much of this on hold and for many of us we aren’t looking to up-size our footprint. As I’ve said in previous posts there are simple things we can do to use our space more wisely. More and more professionals are on the same page. View the link that I’ve attached below to get some design tips on how you can maximize your current space or any future ones you have the luxury to plan.


Designer thought… July 29, 2010

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I always say that I am much better at directing then doing. Don’t get me wrong I do take joy in completing household projects, it’s the task at getting there that is often daunting and not always gratifying until I’ve stepped back from the project a few days and can then marvel in the grandeur of completeness. As an Interior Designer I can whip out conceptual ideas and the grand plan with easeI’ve tackled home painting projects that have taken me 3 days, where a Professional Painter would have completed in 3 hours. All the while complaining of a stiff neck and sore wrist. I much prefer my weekends to be spent leisurely with my family or going for a morning run. Thankfully in my business I have the help of my Industry Partners and Tradesmen who help make those conceptual dreams a reality for my clients. It is a beautiful thing to have built strong partnerships with these skilled people. They truly help my business run smoothly and I am thankful for their grace and hard work.


Lighting 101… July 4, 2010

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Lighting is an important part of interior design and often a forgotten feature in ones project. The older we get the more lighting we need to help us do things throughout the home. Check out the link below for some useful tips to help you get things right during your next major kitchen or bath design project.

“There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.” -Ruby Ross Wood


Quote of the day… July 3, 2010

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“Too often when we’re buying or building a house, we do not consider each room. We are carried away by one charming feature and are blind to details that will give us trouble later on.” –Dorothy Draper


Summer trends… July 1, 2010

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How to bring the outdoors in? A goal of many this time of year. Some simple tips to make your summer months more glorious than ever before:

1. Cut fresh flowers from your garden once a week or bring them home from a Farmers Market and make an arrangement for those areas of your home that don’t overlook a garden view.  Even a small bouquet can make a little statement on a bath vanity or nightstand. Flowers of all one variety are sometimes more interesting than a mix, and often more calming to the eye. You will appreciate the fresh scent that a floral arrangement can bring to a room and hopefully bring a smile to your face every time you walk in that space.

2. Bold garden inspired colors and patterns are being used throughout the home in accessories. A overscaled brightly colored floral for pillows is a great way to brighten any palette without locking yourself into a color scheme. If florals are not your thing, Tie-dyed fabrics are not only being seen on the fashion runway, but also in home design; use for pillows or table cloths. Ceramic lamps and vases in bolder colors are great ways to liven up a bookshelf or china cabinet. Pull in a light weight unexpected colored throw, like turquoise or hot pink to curl up with on those over-air-conditioned nights.

Lee Jofa silk floral Parnham

Tie-dyed pillows can bring a fresh new energy to ones space. Think hot pink or lime green for girls rooms.


3. Sparkling lakeside views can inspire you to paint the ceiling–Ralph Lauren offers some wonderful Metallic finishes that look beautiful above your head. From boldly colored turquoise to more subtle hues like gold, silver, and taupe you’ll be sure to find a color that inspires you. This paint technique also looks fabulous in powder rooms or as an accent wall behind a headboard. Great way to bring a little bling to a room.

Ralph Lauren metallic paints are great for ceilings or accent walls.

4. Speaking of bling– metallic finishes are all the rage not only in fabrics and wallcoverings but also in the finishing of your casegoods; think the twinkling night sky. Yes, you’ll be seeing silver and gold on coffee tables, exposed wood chairs, and small accent tables. Remember though, a little goes a long way, one or two great pieces is all a room needs.

Venus Gilt metallic leather from Hancock and Moore furniture.Cairo Gold leather from Hancock and Moore furniture.

5. We’ve all seen how a touch of animal inspired fabrics can add great dimension and fun into a space. From leopard, ocelot, zebra, and the occasional giraffe inspired rugs or fabrics we are now seeing more and more actual hair-on-hide pieces. Yes, cow hide with the hair on! These are great for an accent in any room…from full hide rugs to small touches on an ottoman or occasional chair we are even seeing these hides printed with the popular desired leopard or zebra patterns. Nice way to bring great texture to a space.

Steer Brindle hair on Hide leather from Hancock and Moore furniture.