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Great design brings people home. As a residential Interior Designer I think it's important that you love the home you are in, no matter what kind of budget you are on. This site is to help you start thinking about your home in a new way.

Designs to make you laugh… April 27, 2010

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I prefer designs that are inspiring, but once in a while we need designs like these to make us smile and remind us why we hire Professional Designers, like myself, to help us get things right the first time. Follow the link below for a taste of hideous fashion from the recent Milan Furniture Fair. If anything, you’ll get a good laugh!


Eco friendly designs… April 26, 2010

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Another Earth Day has gone by (April 22) so I thought it would be good to highlight products and manufactures that have the environment in mind. Recycled materials and sustainable products are on the rise in all areas of the design industry from building materials to pillow trim. It’s important to know what’s available now so that we can be smart about our choices as they affect not only our future, but our children’s future in the world of design and far beyond. Happy Birthday Mother Earth!

This is a great article on how a sustainable building is part of the teachers curriculum for the students.

Brimar, a textile manufacture available to the trade offers a new line of trimmings that are eco-friendly. Check out this link for a quick pre-view of this line

The Q Collection has an impressive offering of furniture, fabrics, and accessories all made with the environment in mind. Check out their website for inspirational items to start any project with

One of my favorite fabric lines, Kravet, has a wonderful Earth Day article I wanted to share as it offers a similar viewpoint to my own. Organic materials are wonderful, be conscious of the wear factor as a product that needs to be replaced every few years is only so green. Click on the following link to read more


Bold inspiration… April 20, 2010

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High fashion influences what colors and patterns we will be seeing in interior fabrics and furnishings. It’s fun to understand these trends as they can take us places we may never have gotten to otherwise. The past year we were seeing beautiful silks and embroideries that came to us from India and more organic fabrics– overscaled patterns printed on cotton or linen grounds, softly woven bamboo solids great for draperies. Currently we are seeing bold beautiful patterns coming out of Africa. Check out the following link for an up close and personal look at what could be showing up in your next room re-do.